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Which paragliding experience is right for you?

Paragliding between Nice and Monaco on the Roquebrune-cap-martin site

Paragliding is practiced in several ways.
Are you more of the type to look at landscapes or on the contrary do you want sensations?
Never mind! During your paragliding flight above Roquebrune Cap Martin you can do almost everything!

A quiet flight, “no problem”.
A flight of distance, “why not”.
A high-speed flight at ground level, “with pleasure”.

Vol découverte parapente à Roquebrune Cap Martin

Discovery flight

A beautiful paragliding flight to discover the town of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, the town of Monaco and that of Menton seen from the sky.

Keep an unforgettable memory of your vacation.


10 to 20 minutes flight

Double dose de parapente

Double dose

Twice as much time for your first flight, you will be able to observe the winding streets of the city for longer as well as enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea


20 to 30 minutes flight


Like a bird

Fly like a bird above Monaco, taking advantage of the lift to gain a little altitude, play near the reliefs, stroll through the sky of Roquebrune and perform acrobatic figures which can provide a centrifugal force of 3G, or three times your weight. During this flight, you choose what you want to do.


+30 mins flight

Keep a souvenir of your trip in the air:

photos and videos filmed with a High Definition camera for the price of €30

To find out what it is possible to do as an image, go to the section"Photo"

You don't know which paragliding experience to choose, call us or send us a message so that we can help you make the right choice according to your desires!

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