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The most beautiful paragliding photos above Monaco, Roquebrune cap martin and Menton

Selection of photos that we can take during your paragliding flight with our team of pilots on the Mont Gros paragliding site in Roquebrune Cap Martin.

Monaco paragliding flight in tandem

We cross the sky together so that I can make you discover my universe, from contemplative flights to sensational flights, there are all the nuances in the sky 😊
There is something for everyone, one experience per person. That's why I never get tired of it, it's always the same  émerveillement, but each time from a different point of view.
Like the exchanges we can have, different connections to the same life energy 😊 
A magnificent panel of sensations and discoveries! A sky that evolves and transforms, diversity, nuances. 


Flight between the clouds ⛅ and appearance of the Brocken spectrum 🌈

When our shadow is projected on a cloud, it surrounds it with a rainbow. This manifestation is called the Brocken spectrum, magical to experience from the sky 🤞🍀🙏🏻

View of the Monaco coast by paraglider
moment of happiness with Roquebrune cap martin paragliding
Double dose of paragliding in Monaco
Paragliding discovery flight in Roquebrune Cap Martin

Some videos you can discover on social networks

hello, today we post a raw video, without music. A simple flight, all in sharing and simplicity with Stacy. An evening flight with these magnificent colors and shadows, translucent water and a panoply of laughter. A real little happiness shared as we like them at Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Parapente.
The season is getting cooler, it's the best time to fly a paraglider in Roquebrune Cap Martin.

School presentation video by my talented friend Sebastien Nash

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