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Yann will be your paragliding instructor in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin

During your first paragliding flight in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, you will fly with a state-certified paragliding instructor with a strong knowledge of paragliding. It will take you to discover one of the most beautiful paragliding sites in France between Nice and Menton on the French Riviera.


Roquebrune cap martin paragliding with a breathtaking view of the city of Monaco

My name is Yann and I will accompany you to discover paragliding. There are several formulas to make you enjoy the sky of the Côte d'Azur. 
More than twenty years of experience have allowed me to create these different formulas to give you maximum pleasure whatever your expectations.

Yann paragliding instructor Roquebrune cap martin.jpg

Quick presentation

Ever since I was little, I dreamed of flying like a bird. Very quickly I learned paragliding and quickly the desire was felt to share with friends, family, and tomorrow maybe you this inexplicable feeling of flying. 

All passengers feel a moment of freedom and escape when their feet leave the ground, all the hassles of daily life are put away for several hours after the flight. 

I or rather I had fun for many years in different paragliding schools and different countries before deciding to settle here on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoying my passion in the sun, in a dream setting, could only be done in this little paragliding paradise. Take-off from Roquebrune-Cap-Martin offers a breathtaking view of the cities of Monaco and Menton, a view you won soon forget after your flight.

The questions I am asked most often about paragliding

The first is not a question, but rather a misnomer.

 - "We jump in a paraglider"....

We do not jump in a paraglider, but we take off either on the spot if the wind is a little strong, or by trotting when the wind is not too strong. During a paragliding "jump", you don't jump, you take off.

- Am I sitting or standing during the flight?

During the flight, you are comfortably installed in a harness equipped with foam for your comfort as well as an airbag for your safety.

- Am I seated in front or behind during a tandem flight?

During a tandem flight you are seated in front of the pilot, in the first position to enjoy the scenery and have maximum sensations during the flight.

- Do you get dizzy when paragliding?

Vertigo does not exist in paragliding because your feet do not touch the ground. Dizziness is due to the attachment of our feet to solid ground and is therefore never felt when paragliding.

- Can I wear glasses during the flight?

Whether you have prescription glasses or sunglasses, you can safely wear them during your paragliding flight. I even think it's better for you to wear them to enjoy the view of Monaco, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin and even Menton.

- Are we going to fly over Monaco during my paragliding baptism?

We will not fly vertically from the city of Monaco but on the side for a regulatory question. The city of Monaco is superb seen from a paraglider and you will not be disappointed you will be amazed.

- Can I take pictures during the flight?

You will not be able to take photos with your smartphone or camera for a matter of safety if it were to fall on the public road. You will still have the possibility to choose the video option to obtain videos and photos in very high definition thanks to my camera fixed on a pole.

- How can you come to Roquebrune cap martin?

You can come in several ways. From the city of Nice, the train allows you to go directly to your meeting place for your paragliding baptism. Near the landing, a large car park also allows you to park your vehicle.

I have been established in the region now for 3 years, I have met many people and I am slowly realizing the richness of the place where I am. I'm very lucky to have made it this far and I intend to develop it to make it many more wonderful moments. 
Videos, photos, smiles, breathtaking landscapes, an ever stronger desire to share with you what drives me the most, that is to say: "flying"!!!
I have spent almost my entire life in the sky for 21 years now. It's so vast and wide, that I think I really haven't been around it yet. Every time I take you up there, it kinda reminds me of the first time it happened to me too. It is thanks to your remarks and what you release during the flight that I can remember it and see how far I have come 🍀🙏🏻🪂
Thank you for being more and more numerous to come and try the experience with me, to meet me and to taste the pleasures of the air . 
A special thank you to the inhabitants of Roquebrune Cap Martin and Menton who welcome me with open arms 

Here's a quick overview of my summer activity 🙂 
This winter, I would have the right to fly with this small paraglider, people who weigh less than 50 kg,   to be within the rules on the Roquebrune Cap Martin site.
The proximity flight, given the houses is not available on this site, but on the other hand the evolutions above the water will be a real treat to discover for people of small weight, young people or teenagers.
Here is the example of my summer activity in Val d'Isère.
The young lady is 9 years old. 

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